Press Release

Contact:  Peggy Clark

Business NH

In the fall of 2015, Jan Russ was living her life the way Thoreau described in quiet desperation. She was not unhappy or depressed but the question that lingered was, “Is this all there is to the rest of my life?” Having read an exhaustive list of some of the highly recommended books, taken numerous courses and attended several seminars. After which she was always encouraged that this was the one, the answer she was searching for so diligently. Each time there was the “honeymoon” period when things seemed better for a while but then came that feeling of knowing that the search had not ended. She would think that there was something missing or just plain wrong with her. Because after all the gurus had many examples of their students changing their lives in dramatic fashion. She felt that all she ever did was rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic to make them appear more acceptable. She told me that she was always attempting to manage the conditions of her life.

She lived with the thought of hope for the future but as the years passed realized that the future was in grave danger. Then she decided to take one more course, which she had read about called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. This course is unique since it cannot be purchased but one can apply for a scholarship and it is offered only once per year and runs for six months. She knew that this was exactly what she needed to do. In September, 2015 she applied for and was granted a scholarship. After just a few weeks into this course, she noticed subtle changes beginning to appear and as the course progressed through the fall and into winter even greater transformation was happening. She felt that this was the first time in her life that she opened up and allowed herself to go with her heart’s desire.

For the first time ever, she had developed a definite major purpose in her life. This purpose is centered around health and wealth, two extremely relevant issues in most peoples lives. Throughout her life she had always loved the feeling of being in service to other people. To accomplish her major purpose, she chose to start and build a home based business in the network marketing industry. The business provides people with the opportunity to transform their lives both financially and through improved health. Some of her team members stories of overcoming health issues are truly amazing. Her work with her team members as they achieve their dreams and desires is the most incredibly rewarding experience.

Her success has been quite amazing, just two years later, she is earning over $15,000 per month and some of her team members have gone on to even greater income levels. All of this provides her with much to be grateful for and mindful of living in the flow of giving and receiving. Her financial success allows her to live in a beautiful home on Lake Laconia in New Hampshire. This is where we had our interview and the fall colors were brilliant. This home is a rustic wood and stone exterior with lots of big windows. We were actually sitting on the deck around a stone fireplace with a cozy fire burning. It is here that Jan and her family enjoy many wonderful times together.

As I was driving over to do this interview I wondered what Jan would be like in person. Upon actually meeting her I realized that she not only had a business that promoted health, she is an example of someone who is living true health. Since health and wealth are two very personal needs for living a full life, Jan certainly appears to be living the life of her dreams and desires. She is truly living her life by design.