week 14 Master Key Developing Harmony

After reading Master Key part 14, I felt giddy and happy all afternoon and wondered what it was that made me feel so good.  I know Haanel has repeated many important points to us in several of the Master Keys but part 14 really affected me deeply.  It motivated me to think about everything that I have learned and applied during the first half of this magnificent journey of ours.  When he said that we “get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the law and our ability to make the proper application.”  He went on to say that. “we secured no results from the laws governing electricity until someone formulated the law and showed us how to apply it.”  We have been learning and applying for 14 weeks and I have read where many in this course have had huge transformations and changes in their lives already.  Scroll IV reminded us that we are nature’s greatest miracle and that we are unique.  Between reading the Master Key and the Greatest Salesman everyday, we should be developing trust in ourselves that we can make the proper application of this knowledge.  How exciting for all of us.

Perhaps this was what I was feeling when I read part 14.  I do know that my self confidence is building and I am feeling and thinking courageous and constructive thoughts more and more frequently.  I have noticed throughout the course of my days, a line from the blue print builder comes to mind or sentence from one of the scrolls or something I remember from the Master Keys reminds me and keeps me on course.  This knowledge is becoming part of me and providing me with a quiet calmness and is influencing my thoughts and actions.

I am so pumped for the rest of this course and all the wonderful stuff to come.

I always keep my promises.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving , harmonious and happy!

Jan Russ



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Week 13 Master Key Promises

This time of year is when people typically begin their annual assessment of their goals and decide what  New Year’s resolutions they will promise to make.  According to Merriam-Webster, a promise is defined as  a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future and another says,   a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified.

When thinking back to years past and making New Year’s resolutions, I realized that I made promises so easily without even thinking about what a promise actually means.  In the Master Key I have learned about promises and how vital it is to only make a promise when I am certain to follow through.  In the past not keeping promises created very destructive conditions in my life and also hurt the people to whom I made promises.  Each day I become stronger with greater faith in myself and I am so grateful.

On a different note, this week I have experienced my old blueprint kicking around in the broken cement and giving me some things to think about.  When we were cautioned on the webinar last Sunday about the holidays being a time we can find ourselves in situations where we get tested, I thought that it wouldn’t happen to me.  But it did and now I remember about humility being a big part of wisdom.  So I have relied on my MKMMA tools (sit, compass, magnifying glass, mental diet & affirmations) to help me through this rough patch.  When applied these tools are awesome.

The thing is that because of greater awareness, I am able to more quickly make course corrections.  Becoming more of an observer I can be a better guardsman at  the gate of my subby.

Since this week represents the half-way point for the MKMMA experience, and reflecting on the changes I have noticed up to now,  the second half stands to be as stated by the one and only Buzz Lightyear, To Infinity and Beyond!

I always keep my promises,

Jan Russ




Week 12 master key Fasten Your Seatbelts

Last week I wrote about applying knowledge and how I am doing this with the Master Key and I am seeing myself transform in a number of ways.  This week after Sunday’s webinar and reading part 12 many times, I am now re examining my habits and actions to determine if I am totally 100% vested in my daily practices with genuine enthusiasm and belief.  Now I can no longer give any “lip service” to any phase of my effort.  I need to be who I really am as learned throughout this course.  Do I have the knowledge of my power?  Do I have the courage to dare?  Do I have the faith to do?  As I am contemplating these very simple sounding questions, I realized that the task of eternal vigilance (which Haanel says is the price of success) of my thoughts must be a priority.  My commitment to sitting must not waver since the law of practice works in my favor if I am keeping my promises.  This where I use the law of relaxation to establish a calm and relaxed state of mind to do the hard mental labor.  Since everything is created twice, once in the inner world and again in the outer world, sitting is where my imagination provides my subby with the clear mental picture of my desires.  Thus, the foundation must be established with the greatest of care.

The law of substitution rescues me from the errant negative thought by replacing with a positive one.  The law of growth is always lurking around and doing its work whether I am concentrating on constructive thoughts or destructive ones.  Here is where I use a couple of really useful tools, the mental diet and the no opinions.  I actually had these phrases printed on silicon bands in the primary colors to remind me.  The law of subconscious activity reminds me to be careful of what I plant.  No weeds.

I am evaluating my DMP to make sure that it has vitality and meets my heart’s desire.  This period of time for me is fine tuning of my part of this manifestation process and making certain I understand the knowledge of my power and that I have both the courage to dare and the faith to do.  My accomplishment of this will be faithfully reported in this location each week.  The thing is that after coming this far, there is no turning back.  The genie can not be put back in the bottle.  There is only one direction and that is onward and upward.  To manage this I am sure to be making adjustments similar to the flying of a plane, small adjustments to stay on course.  This where my compass and magnifying glass come in handy.  Stay tuned for this wild and awesome ride of a lifetime.  Celebrating each day as I persist and win!

Week 11 MK Applying knowledge

Finally I can say with integrity that I am applying knowledge and reaping the benefits of my application with the MKMMA.  Many times in the past I have invested money  and effort into learning personal development information to no avail.  Perhaps the operator was inexperienced and filled with fear, doubt and a lack of faith.  That is no longer the case because each day I see my behaviors reflecting the results of the daily practices of my MK work.

Since we are all defined by our behavior whether consciously or not and it is described as our personality being able to know how to change unwanted behaviors is key. In the past I attempted to change results without changing my behavior which is the definition of insanity.  Now I consider myself to be developing behavioral flexibility by using the tools provided in the Master Key which allow me to remove self-doubt and limiting beliefs.  Now that I can see more clearly it is easier to take complete responsibility for my actions both good and bad and look at the cause.

Some of the changes I have noticed over the last several weeks are seeing others from a different perspective such as with one person in my life who always seemed to push my defensive button, now I am relaxed and calm around this person.  When I am out doing errands, I look at people with love now instead of that annoying voice in my head saying something negative about them.  Sometimes I notice the expressions on their faces and realize that love is what they really need without any judgement.  Scroll II was a real eye opener for me.  I am thinking more about how I can help others than being so focused on myself.  I find that I am now better able to surrender to what is and not attempt to fix it.  Releasing my control freakiness is an awesome thing because it frees up so much of my attention to be used on a higher plane of thought.  So this applying knowledge stuff is working practically perfectly.

As stated in one of the Master Keys, onward and upward.  And one more thing, I am love, love, loving keeping my promises and being a lion.  Feels amazing!

P.S.  Mastermind thing is really great!


Week 10 MK Thoughts About Habits

This week has been like a roller coaster ride for me.  On Sunday evening I felt a little down but on Monday that was all gone and enthusiasm took its place.  That continued until Thursday and then the old blueprint came out swinging and filled me with doubt and fear.  All week I was thinking a lot about habits and I remembered having read that what we do each day (our habits) are actually our life.  I always thought that my life was what I would get around to one day when everything lined up just right.  What a wake-up call that was and helped me understand more deeply the value of the daily practices we are doing in the MKMMA.

Thinking about habits and remembering Haanel discussing how habitual actions become automatic and the thought that controls them passes into the realm of the subconscious.  This made me realize that although I am forming good habits and becoming their slave with the daily practices of the Master Key work, I needed to evaluate and analyze all my habits along with my thoughts to bring them in line with my new blueprint.  So this week when reading part 10 of the Master Keys, about cause and effect and the completing of the circuit and that knowledge will not apply itself and self defense thinking and being ruled by feelings and emotions, I knew that I had to step up my game.  As Mark says it is time to giddy-up!  Time to be more enthusiastic and industrious in applying the knowledge I am learning in the MKMMA.  No more explanations or excuses!  I am all in this and I will persist until I succeed.  Now I am off to begin leaping tall buildings in a single bound. LOL

P.S.  I had my first mastermind meeting with Jaime and it was great.  I am really going to enjoy getting to know her.

MK Experience Week 9 Beginning of Mastery

This week I am beginning to reap the benefits of all the practices we have established since week one.  The journey has not been a smooth one but has helped me build a foundation from which I can continue chipping away the cement to reveal more and more of the “golden buddha.  ”

The mental diet and no opinions have been a huge benefit for me even though I have not yet completed seven days of the diet.  Each day I am getting better and better at stopping negative thoughts which are coming less often.  I am noticing the space between stimulus and response and this is really cool.

Scroll II has influenced and changed me in a wonderful way that helped me understand the law of growth more deeply.  When I started greeting each day with love, my days got better and my thoughts toward others changed from sometimes feeling superior to expressing love.  When I am concentrating on love, everything benefits and my attitude most of all. This allows me to form good habits applying many of the daily practices such as, no opinions, mental diet, laws of the mind and the mental keys.  I feel that I am really doing the linking of things so that I am developing the wiring and firing together of the positive thoughts and habits.

When I was thinking of how I sometimes had feelings of superiority, I was reminded of a quote by Ernest Hemingway, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”  This sums up my Master Key experience because this is what I am learning, practicing and beginning to master each day.


MK week 8 The Truth Appears

This week has been a challenge both mentally and physically.  I have not been my usual enthusiastic self and even though I have not skipped any of my daily practices, I have been much quieter.  This week we were instructed to turn off the TV for seven days.  This did not impact me since I gave my TV away during week 2.  It  was very easy to fool myself into thinking that I no longer had habits that were destructive.  After all the TV was gone and I was feeling a bit righteous about my decision to remove it.  Of course I told myself that I didn’t really watch very much TV and what I did watch was better than the stuff other people watched.  Lots of justifying and rationalizing going on in my head.  Truthfully, I did suffer a bit from removing the TV but this week I came face to face with the fact that I had a really entrenched habit of reading sports on the internet.  I simply replaced some of the time I would have watched TV with reading about sports.  I am a big sports fan and have always watched sports and read articles about it.  But this week I actually had to come to terms with this addictive behavior and suffered physical detoxing from not looking at anything except the MKMMA stuff online and necessary home business matters.

Today I began feeling much better and know that this experience along with the mental diet and no opinions are opening the way clear for me to be able to fully develop my imagination and install my new blueprint.  Each week the Master Key is more and impressive.  This week he tells us that we can freely choose what we think and that this thought is governed by immutable law.  He says isn’t that a wonderful thought.  After chipping away considerable amounts of cement, I  realize that I am beginning to think more freely now.  My new best friend is practice and understanding that even small daily improvement produces incredible results.

So I continue my journey through the Master Keys with love in my heart and I succeed!

Week 7 Master Key Combining Physical, Mental and Spiritual

All of my life until recently was experienced as a physical being with very little of the mental and spiritual aspect.  Even after reading so many books and taking courses on success and personal development I still was very much living my life as a physical being not really understanding the life within determines the life without. According to Haanel all power comes from within.   Reading the Master Key each week I have learned that I do not need to acquire this power, I already have it.  I have been using it without even knowing, albeit, by default.  Haanel goes on to say that our difficulties are related to confusion and not knowing our true interests.  For me these are kind of understatements and I can’t say about others because that would be an opinion.  He goes on to mention that we shouldn’t complain about conditions because it is up to us to change them.  No comment on this bit of information.

Continuing to read the Master Key, I learned that what I think, or do, or feel, indicates what I am.  Good enough reason to learn to control my thoughts.  Then I read even though thought is creative, it works no magic transformations: it obeys natural laws and manifests in your conduct and  actions.  This helps me understand doing the exercises everyday and bridging the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of myself.  As further support for the process we are using in our study of the Master Key, I read that we are constantly building our tomorrows out of our todays.  Even more reason to focus and concentrate on developing control of my thoughts(no opinions and mental diet).  So now I am learning to exert my will and make choices that reinforce the new blueprint into my subby.  For me this is fully embracing my inner world and creating clear mental pictures that support my true heart’s desires.  Love is the glue that binds everything together according to Og and how awesome is that!

Week 6 Master Key A Clear Mental Image

This week has been filled with instances where my old blueprint has been quite annoying but the great thing is now I know that I have a blueprint and I can choose to change it.  One of the most amazing exercises we have done is the No Opinions.  Becoming aware of how much I was using opinions has been one of the best things I have learned.  Of course, with the Master Key, there so many wonderful features and each week I notice more and more changes within myself.  I have had to remind myself not to compare my experience with others.  Sometimes the grooves of my habits and behavior are quite deep but as Og reminded me in scroll I about patience, nature never acts in haste.  So now I am experiencing a very nice calm state and do not find it necessary to speak unless I have something worthy to contribute.  This really allows me to feel free and be the observer.

I am enjoying reading scroll II.  The practice of mentally saying I love you to everyone I encounter certainly changes my perspective in a good way.  Before I would have been busy giving my opinion about these same people in my head.  What a relief for me and them.

Now about the title “A Clear Mental Image”.  The sitting exercise this week has been uncomfortable for me because I am very unsure of my visualization skills.(my old blueprint)  So each day I would do the week 6 exercise and then I would do an additional sit and then finally today I felt that I was getting that clear mental image with the photo.  Not sure it is 1080p yet but much clearer.

Week 4 Master Key What a Week!

This week’s Master Key material is filled with incredible thought provoking information.  The very opening remarks got my attention by saying, “This part will  show you why what you think, or do, or feel, is an indication of what you are.”  This is just the beginning of everything to come in this week’s reading.  Now I understand why this can be a pivotal week for people in this course.  I have experienced ups and downs emotionally as I read and study part four.  Faith is building within me and keeps me on the road to discovery of the power of the world within.

This week, my guide, Theresa Oatman, had a conference call with her “tribe” and we enjoyed getting to know each other and definitely experienced some giving and receiving between ourselves.  It is good to discuss our challenges and get other people’s input.

In the Greatest Salesman, Og Mandino speaks about being a slave to good habits and I realized that I have been a slave to conditions in my life.  Always thinking that when I accomplished “things” that everything would just fall into place.  So I have re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic many times.   But I am beginning to feel all the parts of what we do each day having a noticeable effect on my thoughts and actions.  A solid foundation is being laid for my new life with enthusiasm and industriousness.