Master Key week 5 No Opinions! Just Facts!

One very real fact is that all my life I have been reluctant to be open and allow anyone to get a glimpse behind the curtain of who I am.  Probably fear based since I was concerned about the opinions of others.  Of course now  I am not interested in any opinions. (lol)  Even participating in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is something that I have not done much of yet.  The reason I am writing about this is because the whole topic of opinions made me realize that I have many and they do not serve me well.  Even writing my DMP and sending it for someone to read was no easy task for me.  But I am getting over it or better stated over myself.  Hopefully I do not become a serial commentator and drive everyone crazy.   I do want to thank everyone for their comments because many of them gave me great insight and encouragement.

Another thing that I had a habit of was comparing myself to others and when reading some of the comments, I would think that person or those people were making greater, faster progress than me.  This habit is being replaced with a good habit and this week I have noticed a significant change in my thinking and feelings regarding these old patterns.  There is a calmness and self confidence that just is very comfortable feeling.  I noticed while paying bills that I had a very different experience than I was accustomed to having.  No stress or concern at all.  Very cool.  As I read the GS everyday, I wondered when I would wake up each morning with more vitality, vigor and enthusiasm and then I did and it is awesome.  Does anyone else feel like they know something that the rest of the world does not?  Something else about this week is the words that I am living in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving and it feels so right.  I think that I am beginning to develop some mental strength because the doubt is no longer there like it was in the beginning.  That was when I questioned if this Master Key stuff would work for me and the answer is yes!

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