Week 22a Standing Meditation

This week we are supposed to stay silent for a day or two and even though I know this would be a good thing.  Stuff seemed to keep happening and so I thought about what I could do that would serve me well and still be a better fit for me now.  Then I decided to do standing meditation as opposed to sitting and it is the bomb.  Very interesting feelings and sensations plus it keeps me from sitting.  In our world today it is  easy to sit way too much.

Some of the benefits  attributed to regular practice of standing still are  improved core strength, balance, bone density, power, awareness, sleep quality, body alignment, efficiency of movements, and mind-body connection.  The more still on the outside the more movement can occur within.  Standing allows our energy to flow freely and releases tension.  Standing still is actually a very physical exercise in addition to all the health benefits.

I am very grateful that I started this “standing” practice each day and am looking forward to enjoying the many benefits.  Through the work of the Master Keys, I am more open to the new and different experiences.


Jan Russ

3 thoughts on “Week 22a Standing Meditation

  1. Very interesting! I stood many hours a day for over 40 years as a Hair Stylist. I never had such apparent back and knee problems that I have, now that I’ve retired. Lol! Looks like I’ll be standing at the beach more.
    Mahalo for sharing🌺

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