Week 22 MK Spiritual Seeds


The garden metaphor is one that is used often because it’s so easy to relate to it. No where is it more appropriate than in the spiritual realm since we are constantly planting in our mind thoughts that if entertained will produce according to their kind. When Haanel said, that controlling our thoughts is hard mental work, he was spot on!

Part 22 of the Master Keys is of course my favorite which I always say every week. This week I reviewed part 1 and made some notes which I now share with you:

All our power is from within and we do not have to go get this power, we already have it. We must recognize it and realize it. And of course we must apply it. Our predominant mental attitude determines our experiences in life. Attitude of mind depends upon our method of thinking. We must be before we can do and we can do only to the extent which we are. The world within is governed by mind. All laws of power and possession are within our control. World without is reflection of the world within. Harmony is vital and in our world within means the ability to control our thoughts. All possession depends on consciousness. Consciousness is a state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings and the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

This all sounds very familiar and is repeated many times throughout the Master Keys. As we draw near the end of at least the ritual of webinars associated with the MKMMA, we are well prepared to continue our individual journeys through our lives. Remember that once stretched our neural pathways do not go back to their starting point but we now have a new path for our continued growth.  Remember to take good care of your spiritual garden.

Onward and upward everyone!

Jan Russ

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