Week 21 MK “Homeostasis”

Well, here we are twenty something weeks after embarking on this journey to discover  the Master Keys of life.  As evidenced in our  blog posts, many changes have been noted, some small and others more significant.  It is safe to say that anyone who has done the work has noticed at the very least subtle changes in their thinking.  I have for a long time wondered why it is so difficult to do what I know is best for me and what I actually want to do.  So this course has helped me gain a better understanding of this whole process.

If you are familiar with the word homeostasis, which means,  the property of a system in which the variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.  This allows our body temperature to remain at a proper level regardless of outside influences.  That is only one example of how homeostasis works internally in our body and this is handled automatically by our subconscious mind.  When I started thinking about this I realized that was how I kept doing things in my life.  Something (my homeostasis) worked very specifically to keep me in a certain range of achievement in most all areas of my life.  I seemed to operate within a range that was represented by a ceiling at the top and a floor at the bottom.  Despite much effort on my part I did not get out of that zone between the ceiling and the floor.  When I got to close to my “ceiling” something would happen and I would begin my movement down toward the floor.  Then some time later I would get frustrated with my “floor” position and I would get inspired and start moving up.

As I thought about this process or maybe it is a “dance of life”, I was reminded of a quote by Guy Finley, “As goes our attention, so comes our experience.”  With the MKMMA and doing the hard mental work described by Haanel, making new habits and becoming their slave and knowing that small attempts repeated, complete any undertaking, I am learning to develop concentration.  This allows me to notice where my attention goes and and even better send it where I choose.  All of these things answer the age old question, Why does this stuff keep happening to me?  It is so cool to know why and even better to do something constructive about it.

Jan Russ



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