Week 20 MK Staying The Course

I was surprised to read that people quit the MKMMA during the high teens period.  It seems that after the work invested, one would continue to the finish.  However, when I really thought about it, I realized that I have been quite unsteady these last weeks and even though I never entertained the idea of quitting, I have been thinking of answering the hero’ call.  The easy way would be to go back to what is familiar and comfortable but for me once the genie is out of the bottle, there is no going back.  So the only thing I can do is wish everyone well and to be safe on their journey.

As I reflect back on the course to this point, there are too many benefits to list them all but I can talk about the things that I notice about myself that are most significant.  In my last post I said that I would provide updates about looking at everything as a blessing and that is providing me with great results.  If something happens that is not an obvious blessing, I ask the question, Where is the blessing hiding?  This serves to make me laugh, which is good and if it is nothing serious, then everything is good.  If it is of a serious nature then it helps me to pause and look at it differently and you know what happens when you look at something differently.  The things you see are different.  The law of practice and the law of growth are always at work bringing stuff to us.

In part 20-27 of the Master Keys, Haanel says, “Thought is creative vibration and the quality of the conditions created will depend upon the quality of our thought.”  This appears to be simple except it is not, because we have so much cement to chip away in order to remove the automatic programming that we default to so often.  This is why he told us in an earlier lesson that we have to practice “eternal vigilance” and be the watchman at the gate of our subconscious.  With continued practice these new thoughts we are planting will become automatic and that is good to know.

In these last weeks, I have had to be extra  vigilant about doing the daily practices in order to continue my growth.  I remind myself that small attempts repeated complete any undertaking.  After all our lives are simply a series of small choices and decisions that we make each day and they move us in one direction or another depending on their nature.  This course helps me choose the correct nature and allows for the course corrections that keep me moving in the direction of my purpose.

Jan Russ


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