Week 19 MK Blessing or a Curse?

After getting an email from Mark where he stated that whatever perspective we first view an event in our life is the character we will continue to identify it as.  In part 19, Haanel tells us that fear is a powerful thought form and that it actually paralyzes the nerve centers which affects the blood circulation.  Considering how many times we experience some type of fear, that is a pretty scary situation.  If we consider any life event as a curse, we are being fearful and inviting all kinds of destructive results.  Haanel goes on to say that to overcome fear, we need to become conscious of power and how to use it.  One way to demonstrate power is to change the way we look at things.

What if we decided to only look at whatever happens to us as a blessing?  On a recent webinar, Mark discussed something similar when he said we should be grateful for everything regardless of the nature of the event.  This sounds hard to do and in practice it is, but remember with practice we get better.  The idea of looking at everything as a blessing really touched me and I thought about it.  Then I examined it and could not find any downside to it.  After placing my attention on it and getting the law of growth involved, it just seemed like it should be the way I look at everything from now on.  My new go to plan is working out just great.  I will keep you posted on the results of my treating everything in my life as a blessing.  Although, I think it is safe to say that it will be exactly as I expect it to be.  A blessing!

Until Next Time

Jan Russ



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