Week 17 HJ Master Key

This week I was going to write an obituary for my old Blueprint but sadly it has not died yet.  Every time when I think for sure it is gone and I get ready to celebrate and plan the wake, here it comes back with renewed energy.  Just messing with me and my carefully laid plans but since I know, ” That small attempts repeated, complete any undertaking.”  I persist!  I win!  After all I am on a quest to be the Hero of my own life and it might be time to “Burn My Ships  and get this exciting Hero’s Journey  underway.

Keeping one foot in my ordinary world has not allowed me to move fully into my adventure.  Hard to go forward when looking back to perceived safety.  But this week I got to thinking about success and how I had always been looking for something big to propel me from the 95% to the 5%.  You could say I was always looking at the next shiny object even though I knew that was not working for me.  I was afraid I would miss something if stopped and focused on what I already knew about.  Of course, at the time I did not realize (definition of realize is to become fully aware of something as a fact) that it was me and not the opportunity that needed to change.  My awesome MM partner and the MKMMA helped me to understand and see clearly about how we really get successful.

Everyday we practice certain things each day in our Master Key work and Mark and company always tells us there is a huge payoff as a result of this practice.  He does not tell us it will be today but that it will payoff.  So what we are really doing each day is producing invisible results that when practiced faithfully eventually produce the results we desire.  Instead of the big thing I was always searching for my life’s results actually comes from small choices and decisions that are made each day.  Similar to the doubling of a penny, it starts out very slow and builds momentum each day.  Maybe the reason for the poor success rate is that people lose sight of these daily choices and decisions because they are looking for something big to happen that will give them the instant results that are popular in our microwave society.  I know that I did and was totally unaware that I was creating my life each day with what seemed like choices that were too small to matter.

Now I know my old Blueprint’s days are numbered, I am not sure of the actual day but I know and I am building momentum with the small attempts repeated that I practice each day.  This keeps me focused in the present where I can actually make these small decisions that create my life.

So I am off on my Hero’s Journey and I do have a plan (roadmap).  I already feel so awesome!

I always keep my promises.


Jan Russ


27 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ Master Key

  1. Reading your blog it became so clear to me why we are writing three gratitudes a day and a special moment, why we are noticing small kindnesses — a smile, a door held open. It is cumulative! Thank you for a very insightful blog.


  2. Thank you so much Jan.
    This could so much have been written about me..
    Last week I wrote that I were going to kill my old blueprint so it couldn’t return, but still I have not figured out the perfect murder 🙂
    Other than keep doing what MKMMA tells us to do.. even though I want it done now.. 🙂


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